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Fence Construction Spring, TX

In the event that you are in the need of a new wooden fence, chain link, wire mesh, or wrought iron fence then get the best fence built in South East Texas. Houston Quality Fencing (HQF) builds fence, decks, pergolas, gazebos, sheds, and just about any outdoor structure. HQF follows a best practice approach to all projects that we undertake.

Privacy Fence

We pride ourselves on doing the job right. Our standard wood privacy fence is a three rail cedar fence six foot tall.

All of our fences receives a full bag of concrete in each post hole. All fence framing is pressure treated for ground contact. All rails are secured with A-153-D galvanized ring shank nails. It is a common practice for fence builders to use the cheapest nails available. These cheap nails will rust and discolor your wood pickets. When poor building materials and techniques are used you can expect to have to replace your fence 3 to 5 years earlier than needed.

If you would like to upgrade to a premium grade fence we can use Simpson Strong Tie Fence Rail Supports, screws, and 4x6, 6x6, and other larger dimension lumber.

[ Privacy Fence ]

Split-Rail Fence

If you are looking for a great looking rustic fence for you home or ranch then consider having Houston Quality Fencing install a split-rail fence to add beauty and functionality to your property. As a containment option for your pets or other animals we can back the split-rail with a welded wire-mesh fabric to contain your animals.

Split-Rail Fence is created by splitting cedar logs allowing them to take a natural form. Cedar is the most common material used for split rail fence material. The key advantage to using cedar is it's natural resistance to rot and decay.

[ Split Rail Fence ]

Corral Fence

If you have a farm or ranch it may be that you have livestock you would like to contain and create a border that gives function and beauty to your property. As a post and rail constructed fence it is usually used as a fencing solution to contain large livestock animals on ranches. Often called horse fence due to the fact that you will find that a four rail corral fence is often used to contain horses.

[ Corral Fence ]

Chain-Link Fence

Since the early twentieth century chain link fence has been a common fencing solution to define borders and provide security. In addition chain link fencing is excellent as a pet containment solution. Chain Link is the most versital fencing of all, it is long lasting provides many uses and even be used as a privacy fence when privacy slats are added.

[ Chain Link Fence ]

Fence Repair

It is inevitable that there will be a time when you need to have a picket replaced on your privacy fence or a post replaced on your post and rail fence. If a tree falls on your fence then we can repair your fence so that you get many more years of life before you need to have your fence replaced.

[ Fence Repair ]

Gate Repair

One of the most common problems that can arise with any fence is a faulty gate. Our most frequent call for gate repair is to fix a sagging gate. Houston Quality Fencing makes sure that when we install a new fence that the gate and hinge post are buried a minimum of 24" and it is often that our fence post are buried 30-36 inches depending on the height of the gate and fence.

[ Gate Repair ]

Wire-Mesh Fence

For an inexpensive animal containment fence welded wire mesh roll fencing is a great option. This type of fencing can be installed with t-post or tacked to wooden post. For large plots of land wire mesh fencing is a cost effective solution to keep your animals in and wild animals out.

[ Wire Mesh Fence ]

Wrought Iron Fence

Classic metal fencing is used for security and creating boundaries. It is common to use wrought iron to surround pools, front yards, and entrance ways. Another common use for wrought iron is for gates and security bars.

[ Wrought Iron Fence ]

Wood Deck Construction

Every home needs a wood deck to entertain friends and family. A quality wood deck allows you to have an area to have an outdoor living area, this area usually has seating and commonly a outdoor cooking area. The wood deck gives you a nice place to have an All-American BBQ.

[ Wood Decks ]


Outdoor structures such as pergolas can turn an ordinary backyard into a outdoor living area that will impress your friends and family. More importantly you will be happy with the outdoor environment that a pergola, deck, and other outdoor structures can create. Sometimes pergolas are confused with trellises and/or arbors, why they are similar a pergola usually use larger timbers and is considered to be a more permanent structure that will last for years.

[ Pergolas ]


One of the most requested garden structures are trellises. Often confused with arbors and pergolas, a trellis is most often used to support climbing plants. The basic construction is made from an open framework of intersecting pieces of wood, lattice, or metal. The garden is the primary place to find a trellis, but they can be used anywhere with or without climbing plants.

[ Trellis ]


Garden Arbors are a more significant structure than a trellis and yet less substantial than a pergola. Arbours are larger in size and usually serves as a light weight structure to support climbing plants to provide shade to outdoor sitting areas, walkways, and pathways.

[ Arbors ]


If you are looking for a classic stand alone structure where you or your guest can relax under a covered deck and stay out of the sun and rain you may just be looking for a gazebo. A gazebo is a octogon shaped covered deck with hand rails and steps. The gazebo is usually rased a few feet off the ground and covered with a fairly steep roof topped with a weather vane.

If you desire a quality built gazebo in your back yard the call Houston Quality Fencing for a professionally done job.

[ Gazebos ]

Storage Sheds

Houston Quality Fencing is more than just a fencing company we build and repair all outside structures including storage sheds, detached garages, backyard offices, and tool sheds. We believe in doing the job right and leaving you with a shed or utility barn that will last for years to come.

We look at a shed as a little house and we build your shed using the same methods as a quality home builder constructs a residential home. We do not use kits, or pre-build and assemble. Your shed, garage, or other outside structure will be built on site and we will use the best building practices.

When you have Houston Quality Fencing build your garden shed you get quality. Click the link below to find out more about our outbuilding construction methods and standards.

[ Storage Sheds ]

Deck Cleaning

Just like your car or home itself, your wood deck needs cleaning, inspection, and maintenance. Houston Quality Fencing offers deck cleaning on all types of wood and composite decks.

It is important to clean your deck yearly to keep wood boring insects, destructive mold and fungus, and other harmful contaminants off of your deck to keep it looking good and adding to the life span of your wood deck. By removing all the above mentioned (and many more) threats to the life and beauty of your deck you will be able to enjoy it for many more years to come.

[ Deck Cleaning ]

Deck Restoration

When we talk of restoration we do not simply mean that we clean and beautify your deck. Our deck restoration offering includes inspection, repair, cleaning, staining, and water proofing. It is important to perform all of these steps when restoring a deck. Most import is the inspection followed up with proper repair of your wood deck. Wood decks can rot in places that you may never see and weaken the supporting structure of your wood deck. When the post, beams, and decking become weak you are now looking at a safety risk. We will repair your deck to code and then after it's safe we will clean, stain, and seal the wooden deck.

[ Deck Restoration ]

Covered Patios

If you are looking for an outdoor living space that protects you from the rain but still has a open feel than what you are looking for is a covered patio. Covered patios can be a simple structure with a tin roof or stone pillar patio that ties directly into your existing roof line or the side of your home. No mater how extravagant you want your patio cover to be we can get the job done.

[ Covered Patios ]

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